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Salas Clamores: Ara Malikian

24, 28 y 30 de julio de 2012

Ara Malikian is undoubtedly one of the most brilliant and expressive violinists of his generation. Owner of his own, forged from their origenes and rich musical experience, his violin stands as one of the most original and innovative voices in music.His endless musical and human restlessness have led Ara to deepen their roots in Armenian and assimilate the music of other cultures of the Middle East (Arab, Jewish), European Centre (Roma kletzmer), Argentina (tango) and Spanish (Flamenco) , all within a very personal language in which they shake hands ritmica and emotional force of this music with virtuosity and expressiveness of the great European classical tradition.    

Fernando Egozcue. Composer, guitarist and arranger.
It is no coincidence that the master Piazzolla, Egozcue gave away to his score '500 Reasons' (when it belonged to the Buenos Aires) and that over time, it was considered one of the best arrangers.   One of the albums in the Nuevo Tango Ensemble, group ownership as a director, arranger and guitarist, named after the composition in his honor.  
Ara Malikian, violin
Fernando Egozcue, guitar
Moses Sanchez, piano
Martin Bruhn, battery
Miguel Rodrigañez, bass.  

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Ara Malikian is one of the most important composers and musicians from Europe, which usually works in Madrid. Anaco Hotel Madrid offers the possibility that the best hotel guests can attend this free concert. The Madrid public usually fills the room. Being client Anaco Hotel in Madrid will favor you can go into a place of privilege. In this way your stay in Madrid will be fantastic and make your trip economical.

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